Friday, April 9, 2010

How works

So I've been trying out for about 8 months now and figured I should start sharing the experience I've had. So far, I've been on one date, which was a complete flop. We spent about half the time in awkward silence, and the other half going "So, are you interested in this...? No? Ok." I've done the pre-date thing with several other guys, but one of us has always lost interest before the actual date. I suppose since this is the first post, I'll explain the process. In my next post, I'll go through the quality guys I find on the site.

So every person posts a blurb about themselves and what they're about. They also post their stats (height, age, religion) and stats of their ideal mate. So you read through that and decide if you're interested or not.

Once you say you're interested, you send that person your "relationship essentials." This is a list of things about people and you rate their importance. There's a range of topics from saving money to loves pets to is neat and clean.

If the other person says they're also interested and sends you theirs, then you can compare the two relationship essentials side by side. Sometimes this is the breaking point, where you look at their essentials and realize they're a pyscho who cares about nothing you care about, but generally people have about the same priorities with one or two not matching.

If you determine they're not pyschotic, then there's short answer questions. You send them six questions and they send you questions and when you've both responded, you can compare answers. This is normally where I run for the hills when they're either trying to be funny and failing miserably, or ridiculously boring.

The last online step is the email. This is the same as regular email (except it's through for privacy). Plus there's the added fun of knowing that we're about to kinda sorta date but only if we pass each other's tests and say the perfect things.

Finally, we meet. Like I said, I've only got there once, either because I'm picky, not too dedicated to this site, or find it kind of a joke, but it's rare-ish.

Anyway, there's the gist of the site. Tonight or tomorrow when I'm at home so the site's not blocked, I'll go through my 5-10 guys and keep you posted on whether I find my soul mate, so check back later!

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